Welcome to Reign Fashion SA

REIGN is a Durban-based, hybrid fashion label established by Sipho Mbuto and Ben Nozo.

The label produces menswear main line collections positioned as unisex, as the brand’s identity is centered around the strength of individuality and not on sexual orientation, societal order or other normative pressures.

Meet Reign Fashion SA


The combination of functional detail and monochromatic colour forms REIGN’s design signature which is drawn from the playful imaginative tales of craftsmanship which also explores freedom of self-expression; reflecting both on the past and present, with influence of architectural structures and abstract arts.

With the world of streetwear evolving at such a fast pace, REIGN SA launches it’s new streetwear line to keep you ahead of fashion

The Vision


The vision of REIGN is to inspire a generation of customers to dress in garments that have structural forms that are challenged and experimental in shape and contemporary utility.

REIGN seeks to answer the outcry for hybrid fashion by introducing garments that transcend the line between male and female by incorporating non-binary designs to tackle the problem of overproduction of garments that selectively cater to male or female, by catering for both within inclusive seasonal collections

Our Collection


Shembe Collection

Reign Wear

Reign Queen

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